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Marketing Technologies for Social Media

Crosshair Overview

Crosshair Digital develops socially enabled web and mobile technologies, facilitating collaboration between marketers and their targeted audiences. Our influencer marketing solutions are changing the way individuals, brands and advertisers can deliver messages across social media platforms for higher engagement the generates real organic follower value.

We are a Los Angeles operated tech startup that focuses heavily on api and search technology implementation in niche platforms and mobile apps. Our custom developed technology helps companies grow faster and reach their goal more cost effectively. Current Crosshair SaaS technologies offer the following solutions:

  • Targeted Marketing

    Our "SWEEP" technology, enables individuals and marketers to accurately engage consumers on social networks. is able to hone in on targeted users via mass messaging for large organizations on Twitter. See our companies below.

  • Influencer Networks

    Nielsen released industry studies which proves that referral network conversations have 65% higher engagement rates over traditional advertising methods. See webapp for marketers, going live Q2 2016.

  • Vertical Search

    As the Internet grows each day with petabytes of new information uploaded, search engines are struggling to keep up. We address that problem with our vertical search platforms. See folioSWEEP under companies below.

  • Video Sharing API

    In 2015 Cisco reported that 75% of all mobile content will be consumed as video by 2017. Crosshair continues to evolve its video editing API with CutShelf that enables users to auto cut long videos down to manageable mobile sharing size.

Our Companies & Brands

The days of companies controlling brand messaging and following consumers progress along a linear purchase funnel, have ended. Consumer decisions and behaviors are increasingly driven by the opinions, tastes and preferences of an exponentially larger global pool of friends, peers, influencers and brand ambassadors.


Curating images into ART - A mobile app that enables crowd sourced curation of any images Twitter. (Currently on Android)




Auto Cut Your Videos with our Windows or Mac Desktop client - Video API technology that allows users to auto shorten and share ANY video to social media.


The Crosshair Team

Crosshair is operated by a team of successful technologists and entrepreneurs with over 40 years of combined industry and startup experience. Behind the scenes we are supported by passionate group developers and designers we have been working very closely with for the past few years.

  • Andre J. Cook

    André J. Cook Founder / CEO

    André has had the unique privilege of working in several major media, technology, and entertainment tech startup companies since 1996. He accumulated two decades of hands-on experience in creative development, platform architecture, operational management, marketing strategies, and developed refined growth hacking strategies over the years that allowed him quickly turn ideas into a profitable, growing companies with fast market entry.

  • Greg Jones

    Greg Jones Design / UX and Mobile

    Greg is our very talented hybrid coder / designer and brings over 12 years experience to Crosshair. His past 7 years spent in the Silicon Valley as freelance design for various ad agencies and tech startups gave him the insight to help with better platform and mobile design for Crosshair. Greg joined the CH team to help with modern HTML 5 responsive design and mobile apps.

  • Andrew Whitfield

    Andrew Whitfield CTO

    Andrew Whitfield has been innovating and developing platforms for 8 years both off-line and online. Working with Charities, SMEs, Educational Institutions and Multinational companies, Andrew has experience communicating and delivering to all manner of clients, budgets, sectors and expertise. Projects Andrew has delivered have received investment backing and gone on to be successful. Andrew also holds a Masters Degree in Physics from Hull University.

Technology Skills

By combining clean user interface design with powerful open source code and user experiences to match we are able to deliver practical social media technology solutions that help users and brands make faster, better decisions.


API Development

Currently working on a video sharing API that will allow anyone on a mobile phone to share video as short clips to top social networks. "Like" for video.


SaaS Deployment

Our first vertical search platform for creatives, folioSWEEP, is a replicable search database on the cloud that can be white labeled and used for any industry.


Mobile Development

80% of all time spent on mobile are spent on apps. For this simple fact Crosshair focuses heavily on mobile app development for all its products.


Platform Architecture

At the core of everything we do, our foundation for success starts with methodical planning and the technical architecture required to launch products on the cloud.

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